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4X champion - 1X runner-up champion 

2003 winners Just Wait and Avalanche - Excerpts from write up of 2003 All-America Prairie Championship by John Criswell as published in 9/20/03 American Field ... click here for excerpts from the article

Our Dog Trainers: Fred Dileo and Ben Garcia




The All-America Quail Championship drew 68 dogs and that running followed the Derby and was concluded March 22, 2006 .

They found their champion in Just Wait ...click here for excerpts from the article by Mazie Davis
You can pay more but you can’t get more.
Tough, you bet! Won two of his championships in near, or over, 100 degree weather. Has run at the Nationals in Grand Junction twice, and made the full three hours with five finds each time (watch for him again this year). Doesn’t have any quit in him. No humming bird heart here. He runs through the cactus, stickers, briars in any weather. (He may run his pads off but he won’t quit you.)

Smart and trainable: Patch is a natural front running dog with the intelligence and courage to hunt the country to its limits. He'll look up at you, key on the horse, and come with you. He's a pleasure to watch "going to birds" - he’s got Intensity, Style, and Composure, broke out of site. If he doesn’t show up you better go find where he’s on point.

His pups: His oldest pups are now just coming 30 months old but are making their presence known in both Puppy and Derby Stakes. Danny ran in a 1 hour Derby Championship at 23 months, ran a strong race with 5 broke finds. He has several 30 minute derby wins. Patch is throwing puppies that are easy going and early to break, they have all kinds of natural ability and great ground-speed! Dave Suitts said about Big and Bess “The smartest pups that I’ve ever been around.” All the pups from different bitches run to the front and naturally look you up. Patch is throwing pups that take your breath away the first time you see them point even as babies. With great ground-speed and running style, awesome on point. I think you will be pleased if you use him.

Fee $600.00 FDSB, AKC, DNA

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